The annual Riders Against Hunger in support of Eden Food for Change takes place on Saturday August 19, 2017 at 8:00 am. The venue has changed this year to be held at the Garry W. Morden Centre. For event details, click here.

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Waste Survey

The Region of Peel Wants Your Comments: Visit an Open House or Take the Online Waste Survey.  Do you have comments about garbage, recycling or green carts? 

The Region is currently developing a new long-term plan to decrease the amount of waste that goes to landfill and we want to know your thoughts. Your opinion matters. There are two ways that you can provide input:  visit the Waste Management Open House at  the Civic Centre, 300 City Centre Dr. in Committee Room "C" on July 25 from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. or click here to fill out an online survey.

Residential Water and Sewer Line Warranty Protection Plan information:

Homeowners recently received a mail out for Service Line Warranties of Canada Inc. (SLWC). This program provides Peel homeowners with optional water, sanitary sewer line and in-home protection plan programs for their private side water and sanitary sewer pipes and in-home plumbing. 

The program is a means of educating homeowners of their responsibilities for the infrastructure on the private side of their property in the event of a leak or break. It will be administered and managed by Service Line Warranties of Canada Inc., and is NOT a regional program.  Homeowners will have the option to purchase protection plans and enrollment is completely voluntary and optional.

For frequently asked questions, click here.  If residents have further questions about the program please email:

Rabies Vaccine for Raccoons

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNRF) started placing baits in Mississauga last week, will continue this week, and will likely finish Mississauga by the end of the July.  They have also provided the following direction regarding the baits. 

Click here for more information and to see a map which indicates the latest 2017 Summer/Fall rabies bait areas in southern Ontario as provided by the MNRF.  The intention of the baiting program is to reach wild raccoons, skunks and foxes and prevent the further spread of raccoon strain and fox strain rabies in Ontario.   The MNRF is committed to the research, control and elimination of terrestrial wildlife rabies in Ontario, thereby protecting the health and safety of the public, their pets and the wildlife of this province. Ontario's programs are so successful that southern Ontario was free of raccoon strain rabies for more than a decade and fox strain rabies for over two years.

Protect Against Lyme Disease

Ticks are more prevalent than ever this year and it is important to protect your family and pets against Lyme disease which is spread by the black legged deer tick. Please be cautious in wooded and grassy areas and check yourselves and your pets for ticks.  Vets in Mississauga and residents have already reported increased numbers of ticks on pets this spring.  Please report all ticks to Peel Health as they will note locations and will drag the area and test for type.  Click here for Peel Health and here for information from Animal Services. To find out how to prevent ticks click here.

Watermain Replacement and Road Resurfacing of Britannia Rd West from Winston Churchill Boulevard to Erin Mills Parkway   

The Region of Peel is replacing watermains and resurfacing Britannia Road West from Winston Churchill Boulevard to Erin Mills Parkway.  The work started at the end of March 2017 and is anticipated to be completed by November 2017. This work will also include removing and replacing curbs, adding sidewalks and a multi-use trail, and installing a low impact development (environmentally friendly) storm sewer system. Click here for more information.  As we near the end of our watermain construction on Britannia Road there will need to be a connection at the intersection of Britannia Road and Erin Mills Parkway.  This will require us to close some lanes at the intersection similar to what was previously and recently done.   Update as at July 20, 2017The road restoration work at the intersection of Britannia Road and Erin Mills Parkway, following the two major watermain connections, was completed on July 10, 2017.  All lane closures and traffic diversions were removed and the intersection is operating unobstructed.  Thank you for your patience during these works.

West Trunk Well drilling immediately north of the Erin Mills Parkway and Britannia Road intersection

Work continues on the Region of Peel construction of a large diameter trunk sanitary sewer along Erin Mills Parkway. The contractor is currently mining in both north and south directions from the tunnel shaft located at Erin Mills Parkway and Windwood Drive.   The excavation of the tunnel going north is approximately 67% complete. The excavation of the tunnel going south is approximately 87% complete. We anticipate completion of the mining work from this tunnel shaft by late Summer/early Fall of 2017.

Tree Stump Removal:  

This summer city contractors are removing stumps along Lake Aquitaine Trail, Lake Aquitaine Park, Duncairn Downs Park, Aspen Ridge Park, Edengrove Park, Kindree Gate Park, Millgrove Trail and Promenade Meadows. All stumps are currently painted bright orange and are highly visible.  After stump removal; crews will repair the ground and topsoil and reseed. Stump removal operations are weather dependant.  All City-owned park trees removed due to Emerald Ash Borer will be replanted and will be installed over several years due to the volume of trees removed from parks, limiting weather conditions, short planting season and the high demand and subsequent shortage of caliper trees.

As Chair of the Tourism Advisory Board I am pleased to present the Official Mississauga 2017 Visitor Guide.  Click here to view the online version.  Please also visit the city's tourism website here.  As well, Short-term accommodations (STAs) such as Airbnb have grown rapidly in cities around the world, including Mississauga.  Click here to participate in a short survey regarding STAs. 

Click here to see the Region of Peel Data Centre 2016 Census Bulletin on Population and Dwelling Counts.  This bulletin, developed by staff at the Peel Data Centre, provides an overview of the latest statistics released on Population and Dwellings counts.  Further bulletins will be made available during this year as Census data is released by Statistics Canada.

The Region is replacing watermains on certain streets in Ward 9 within the next yearIf your street is on the list, you may wish to delay any major landscaping or driveway works you may have planned until after the work has been completed.  Please click here for the list of streets and the notice mailed to residents who live on these streets.

Road Resurfacing notice - The following streets will be resurfaced under the 2017 Road Resurfacing Contract.  Alfresco Terrace, Arles Mews, Cherbourg Gardens, Miller’s Grove, Ridgeland Cres, Spring Creek Cres, Sundown Cir, Tamar Mews, Trodheim Cres, Vantage Cir. For more info, click here.  This work is anticipated to be completed prior to November 30, 2017.

Development News

January 21, 2017 - On January 20, the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) made its final decision on the application at 2700 Aquitaine Ave.  The board has approved development of  3 apartment buildings of 12, 9 and 7 storeys comprised of 393 new units.  With removal of 112 of the garden home units, the final number will be 616 units.   In all of the proposals and the final approved plan, the towers are joined by 4 or 5 storey podium buildings.   I am not happy with the decision nor with the development as it will set a precedent for further applications to ignore our Intensification Policies and our Official Plan.  The OMB decision shows again that the province of Ontario has taken the planning of our cities out of the hands of the elected officials and put it into the hands of an appointed body that has no connection to the community.  Click here to see the final site plan.

I already have meetings scheduled with other landowners who are bringing us proposals that far exceed what is in the City policies.  I will be opposing them also and will hold public information sessions in the coming months.   There are several other development applications in the works in our ward.  Please click on the tab "City Info" above and then "Development" for details and to view the various site plans.

Click here to see an overview of the latest census statistics released on Age, Sex, and Dwelling Type.  This 2016 Census bulletin is developed by staff at the Peel Data Centre. Further bulletins will be made available during this year as Census data is released by Statistics Canada.

Upcoming Ward 9 Meetings and Events:

Summer is back and Celebration Square is giving you 150+ reasons to celebrate! There are FREE events every weekend, all summer long.   For event listings click here.

The Backyard Farm & Market at Erin Mills - This wonderful farmers market which sells locally grown organic food is back.  It is located at the north east corner of Erin Mills Pkwy and Eglinton Ave W.  it opened on June 3rd and runs every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm until September 30, 2017.  Click here for more information.

Many Feathers  - Make sure you visit the local farmers market in Ward 9 at Lisgar GO Station.  The Many Feathers Market runs every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm until October 15, 2017.  Click here for more information.

Play In The Park - This is a FREE drop in program for kids ages 6-12 this summer.  The program runs week days starting July 3 to September 1 at Union Park in Ward 9.  For Information, click here.

Sunset Concert Series - The Sunset Concert Series is back again at Lake Aquitaine.  Enjoy live music on selected Sundays.  For Information, click here.

The annual Riders Against Hunger in support of Eden Food for Change takes place on Saturday August 19, 2017 at 8:00 am. The venue has changed this year to be held at the Garry W. Morden Centre. For event details, click here.

GTA Got Talent 2017 - Donor Drive 4 Dorothy is hosting the GTA Got Talent 2017 show at Meadowvale Theatre on August 27, 2017. Click here for more info.  Donor Drive 4 Dorothy is a registered non-profit Canadian organization that seeks to raise awareness, educate and increase the potential donor pool for the African-Canadian community and other ethnic groups in Canada's OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network.

The City of Mississauga has kicked off Does Cycling Move You - a project that will update the Cycling Master Plan. As part of that process, the Active Transportation team will hosting a drop-in open house to seek public input on the future of cycling in our City. 

Open House:  Wednesday September 27, 2017 from 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Living Arts Centre, BMO Room

Click here for the Meadowvale Theatre 2017 / 2018 Theatre line-up.

To list your event on the Ward 9 web site send the information in text and pdf formats and/or link to website to pat.saito@mississauga.